Getting a MetaMask wallet is a critical part to purchasing a NFT.

MetaMask is a Cryptocurrency Wallet. This wallet can hold Fungible Tokens and NFTs. If you don’t know what NFTs are, please read my previous blogs to get familiar and do your own research. Getting a Metamask wallet is one of the easiest ways to purchase a NFT. There are a few steps to get set up which we will explain in detail below. 1. Create a MetaMask wallet. 2. Purchase coins on MetaMask or another crypto exchange. 3. Purchase your NFT.

 1. Create a MetaMask Wallet.

MetaMask is a Browser extention and also an app for your phone. MetaMask was created in 2015. Creating a MetaMask wallet is simple an easy. It is very important to follow the steps in order and to protect your seed phrase.

When you create a MetaMask wallet you will be given a 12 word seed phrase. Seed phrase is a series of words that you must recite in the same order when you want to recover your MetaMask wallet in case of forgetting your password. You should never share your seed phrase with anyone. Never post your seed phrase publically. Write it down and keep it in a safe place.

To begin you will need to:

Once MetaMask is installed on your browser, you will need to import your wallet or create a new one.

To create a new wallet:

         -Confirm your new password.

         -Check the box to “Agree to terms and privacy”

         -Click create wallet


**In this section you will need to write down on paper your secret recovery phrase. This phrase is the only way to recover your wallet. It is very important to keep it in a safe place offline. Do not share this with anyone.**

Here is a YouTube video clearly explaining all the steps:

To import your existing wallet all you would need to do is add your seed phrase to have access granted.

To write this post I did use this website as a reference:

Please click here to learn more about seed phrase:

    2. Adding Tokens (Money) to your MetaMask wallet.

There are a few ways to do this. You would need to purchase Etherium coins on a cryptocurrency exchange, and then send your coin to this wallet.

Receiving and sending coins is possible with a wallet address. Your wallet address can be seen and copied on your MetaMask wallet. (this is not your seed address, never share your 12 word seed address!)

Here is an example of an Etherium MetaMask address. You can only send Etherium to this address and Etherium based tokens any other coins will be lost and never recovered. Please be sure to do your own research before following the steps in this guide. You can contact us for assistance anytime. We are not responsible for lost assets.


This is my Etherium wallet address. Feel free to send me some Etherium!

A wallet address is public record you can share this address.

**Once again, NEVER share your 12 word seed phrase. This is different and should be kept privet.**

You can also buy Etherium directly from your MetaMask wallet. All you need to do is click on the MetaMask extension on the top right of the screen. Next, click on the “Buy” button. From there you can select from the options that are available. Pick the one that suits your needs and follow the steps presented.

  3. Buying your NFT!

Camp Brave Bunny NFTs are available on the Polygon network. You do not have to pay gas fees. You can purchase with your MetaMask wallet and a credit card.

Since our NFTs are sold on the "Matic Polygon" blockchain we do not have to worry about gas prices. When buying a NFT on the Etherium blockchain you will have to pay the listed cost price and also pay the transaction (gas) fee. I will skip this topic for a future blog post.

Conclusion, I added a lot of extra information than is necessary to purchase the Camp Brave Bunny NFT. It is really simple if you try and follow the steps. 1. Get MetaMask. 2. Go to Camp Brave Bunny NFT on Opensea. 3. Finally, click buy on your NFT.

This article was created to educate our community. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs can seem complicated and difficult to navigate. I have been doing the research and experimenting so you don’t have to. By keeping it simple and clear for everyone I hope to introduce everyone into purchasing Camp Brave Bunny NFTs.

In a future blog I will dive into why I chose to create a NFT collection. Why I chose to structure it as it is and why you should purchase a Camp Brave Bunny NFT.